Dan Driscoll, commercial pilot and flight instructor

Achieving my dream of becoming a pilot was only the beginning — teaching others how to fly has become my passion. As a flight instructor focused on Mooney transition training, my goal is straightforward: to make good pilots even better. There's something special about the moment a client understands how to master a new aircraft, particularly one as nuanced as a Mooney. The precision, the efficiency, the sense of control — it's about blending science and skill into something beautifully practical. For me, the real satisfaction comes from seeing a student grow more confident and capable, knowing that they're safer and more skilled because of our time together. It's not just about flight; it's about teaching a set of skills that last a lifetime.

Qualifications and opportunities

Commercial pilot ASEL and Glider, CFI-Airplane, CFI-Glider, CFII, FFI Wingman

Specializing in: Mooney transition training, formation missing man flights, formation practice. Based at KABQ and KAEG. Not currently accepting new students for 2024.

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Mail me at dan@adverseyaw.com.